Beat Mountain

All of the Bongolian’s music is created at Beat Mountain Studios, deep in the valleys of Wales. Now you can grab a slice or two of the unique Bongolian sound and use it to create new music of your own with Beat Mountain: Vintage Drum & Bongo Breaks Volumes 1 & 2

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There are over 500 loops in Volume 1, here are just a few to whet your appetite:

Drums only processed
Drums and Bongos Dry
Drums and Bongos Processed
Drums Dry

Vintage Drum & Bongo Breaks – they’re the ultimate source for late 60s/ early 70s-style old school drum and bongo breakbeats – a raw, funky, psychedelic collection of gems that has been five years in the making. Contained within are 548 beats divided into 4 different options of the kind the likes of Sugarhill Gang and Grandmaster Flash might have chopped out of the Incredible Bongo Band’s back catalogue and spun on the wheels of steel in the Bronx, back in the day. All beats were created and played by the Bongolian himself, Nasser Bouzida.

In order to ensure maximum acoustic variation,Vintage Drum & Bongo Breaks Vol. 1 was recorded on 3 vintage Premier kits and a Ludwig Super Classic, using 7 different snares and tunings and 10 sets of bongos, in multiple locations around the UK from giant school halls to small country barns. The final mixing sessions took place at the Beat Mountain studios in Wales using 6TS ex-BBC valve pre-amps, vintage spring reverbs, Roland space echo, Farfisa compact reverb and a Dynachord.

The BIG difference here is that you also have the totally dry as recorded option as well as the processed, so you can put your own stamp on each groove, which you don’t get in other sample packs.

All loops come in WAV and AIFF Apple Loops format and are royalty free for use in your own compositions.

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