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The fifth Bongolian LP continues the musical journey where Bongos For Beatniks left off, taking us through the fractures of time like fellow traveller H. G. Wells. Nasser has now landed in ancient Rome, or is it on a set from Westworld? All we know is that our hero is armed with a bank of vintage synthesizers with a legion of heavy grooves in this a wildly eclectic fusion of Funk, Soul, B-Boy Breaks, Jazz and Sci-Fi Boogaloo.

The Bongolian Moog Maximus (1)
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Radio support for Moog Maximus inlcuded BBC 6 Music DJs Gideon Coe, Cerys Matthews, Nemone & Chris Hawkins on (featuring twice on ‘Recommends Day’) and from Gary Crowley on BBC London. A stand out track for the Summer single ‘Googa Mama‘ is already storming the Blow Up dancefloor – think 60s Soul meets Sci-Fi Boogaloo!

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